This is Paul "Butch" Sakala.

Butch passed away in November 2007 :(


Bigger picture of his family can you view here.

This is Michael Peter Sakala Jr.

He has a big family (more Sakalas)

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture but my relative didn't send me a new one.

Read his own words here:
I live in Port Reading, NJ USA and I am 47 years old. I have a wife, ELEANOR and 2 children (more Sakala's) Michael and Julie. The family allegedly comes from the Ukraine. Apparently further back in time the area the family was from was part of the Austro-Hungarian enpire. My Parents  (Michael & Dorothy Sakala) live in Bayville, NJ USA. My Brother Robert Sakala is in Paramus NJ USA with a wife and 2 children. My brother and I just gave our parents a computer for their wedding anniversary and I have forwarded youe letter to them. 

The John Sakala you have listed on your page from Canada is my fathers 1st cousin.

He has a brother Robert
and a big family, too.
Bigger picture here.

His and Roberts parents are:
Dorothy and Michael Sakala.
You can mail them at:


Sorry, no picture.

Geoffrey Sakala:

My Great Grandfather John Sakala come from Slovakia and moved to Colorado, USA I currently live in California, USA and have relatives in Colorado, Washington and California USA. My father is David Sakala and my Grandfather is George Sakala 91 years old. I am told my great Grandfather is from Potoky, Slovakia. That's about all I know.

Sorry, no picture.

Philip Andrew Sakala

His Grandfather Andrew (Andrej) came from Czechoslovakia, and so does his Grandmother (born Novac)


Others that I don't have much onfo on can you find here:

Laura (Jo Jo) Sakala (Pittsburgh, PA) daughter of George Thomas Sakala, Jr :

Carole Sakala : or

Damon Sakala :; even ICQ# 967380

David Sakala :

Elmar Sakala :; even ICQ# 11690945

Geoffrey Sakala, Sacramento, UM :

Joe Sakala :, even ICQ# 9847025

Joe Sakala  PA :

John Sakala :; even ICQ# 10684349

Josh Sakala :; even ICQ# 15600515

Kristen Sakala :; even ICQ# 4480903

Michelle Sakala  MI :

Mwazanji Sakala :

Roxanne Sakala :

Tricia Sakala : or

Vladimir Sakala  Trenton :

Simon Sakala  NY :



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